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Rothko and the modern world

Posted in Artists I like on January 2, 2008 by brian55peterson

“The role of the artist, of course, has always been that of image-maker. Different times require different images. Today when our aspirations have been reduced to a desperate attempt to escape from evil, and times are out of joint, our obsessive, subterranean and pictographic images are the expression of the neurosis which is our reality. To my mind certain so-called abstraction is not abstraction at all. On the contrary, it is the realism of our time. “

 I think this is as true today as it was when he said it.  The relevance of his art to this world is best expressed by the recent price paid for one of his works and the fact that reprints or facsimiles of his work (in much reduced size) are available in generic home decor stores.

I’ve seen his works at the Art Institute of Chicago and was inspired by the complexity of the technique and the size of the canvas. They are huge!

White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose) 1950