Graphite vs Charcoal

I like the drama of tone in charcoals vs the subtlety of graphite. Here is a sketch from my notebook done in pencil

I do 2 or 3 a day. This is the model for the charcoal in the earlier post.

Nude sketch graphite 4 x 7 inches


2 Responses to “Graphite vs Charcoal”

  1. leahwatson Says:

    I use to work in charcoal ALL the time, but I hated the black ring under my fingernails. And since (back then) I worked everyday, I had nasty fingernails everyday. So I gave up charcoal. But, your work reminds me how much I loved that medium. It’s really beautiful, the contrast is really dramatic while retaining it’s “soft” qualities.

  2. brian55peterson Says:

    I have nasty fingernails for sure. I find it blends than graphite because it doesn’t soften as much.
    Thanks for your kind comment. Please check on my progress and I welcome criticism.

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