The Plan

I plan to learn how to draw. This is a course in self study but I might also attend some community college courses if time and money allow. I think keeping this blog will allow me to maintain some sort of momentum in my studies.

I will post my drawing as I complete them and will discuss the various books, websites and concepts that are intriquing me at that particular time. have never kept a blog before so it will also be a learning to blog experience for me too.

Why would anyone read this blog?

I don’t know. This is primrily for my own edification but feel free to comment i you like,

My paintings are best when I’m doing my color field thing but I’ve decided that my form of abstract expressionism needs better technique and that’s why Ive decided no more giant canvases and gallons of acrylic. Just some charcoal or pencil and a pad. I was given a set of sft pastels so I might attempt some abstracts in that medium as well. All small.


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